The differences between Delta Dental’s HMO (known as DeltaCare USA) and Delta Dental PPO:

Delta Dental offers two primary types of dental plans: DeltaCare USA (HMO) and Delta Dental PPO. With DeltaCare USA, patients select a primary care dentist from a network and receive dental services at fixed copayment amounts. All treatments need referrals from your primary dentist, and there’s no annual maximum for services. On the other hand, Delta Dental PPO provides greater flexibility, allowing patients to visit any licensed dentist, though savings are maximized when choosing an in-network provider. There are no referral requirements, but there’s typically an annual maximum and deductible. While the HMO emphasizes structured, networked care with predictable costs, the PPO offers flexibility with potential for broader choice and varying cost structures.

Please note that specifics can vary depending on the exact plan details and where the plan is purchased (e.g., state, employer offerings). Always refer to the plan documentation or consult with a representative for detailed information.

If you want to know more about the Delta Dental HMO and PPO networks, please contact me directly at 855-937-4373.


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